Give Your HVAC System a Tuneup

Give Your HVAC System a Tuneup

Get your system back in order with HVAC repair in Columbus, IN

When you encounter a problem with your heating or air conditioning, get in touch with Cunningham Home Services right away. We can take care of any HVAC repair that you need.

We provide knowledgeable, comprehensive service when you need repairs. Stay alert for problems like:

  • Rattling or banging in your vents
  • Strange odors throughout your home
  • Uneven heating from room to room
  • Moisture around your air conditioner
If you notice an issue, let us know so we can fix it.

Contact us today to let us know that you need an HVAC repair in Columbus, IN.

Keep your equipment working right with HVAC maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance saves you from needing extensive HVAC repairs in the future. We'll check on your heating, air conditioning and air purifying systems to make sure everything is in order.

We offer yearly maintenance for $180 per year. If you choose our yearly plan, we'll come twice a year to clean your HVAC system and check for any warning signs of problems. Cleaning and inspecting your HVAC system costs $59.99.

Call 765-425-5812 now to ask about HVAC maintenance in Columbus, IN.